Parliamentary PAC added Twenty more subjects for examination

New Delhi: The newly constituted Public Accounts Committee have selected the following additional subjects for examination:

Sl. No. Audit Report Chapter/ Paragraph Subject Ministry/Department

(1) 2 of 2022 1 Entire Report Management of Spectrum assigned on the administrative basis to Government Departments/Agencies – Union Government Communications (Department of Telecommunications)

(2) 3 of 2022 2 Entire Report Inventory Management in Ordnance Services- Union Government (Defence Services – Army) Defence 3. 4 of 2022

(3) Entire Report Conservation of Coastal Ecosystems- Union Government Environment, Forests & Climate change

(4) 5 of 2022 5 Chapter III Effectiveness of Compliance Verification Mechanism under GST Finance (Department of Revenue)

(5) Chapter IV Reliability of GST data maintained by Goods and Services Tax Network

(6) Chapter V Processing of Refund claims under GST

(7) Chapter VI Transitional Credits under GST

(8) 6 of 2022 Entire Report Assessment of Assessees of Gems and Jewellery Sector – Union Government Finance (Department of Revenue – Direct Taxes) 2

(9) 10 of 2022 11 Entire Report Performance Audit of Preservation and Conservation of Monuments and Antiquities- Union Government (Civil) Culture

(10) 1212.of 2022 Entire Report Performance Audit on Exemptions to Charitable Trusts and Institutions – Union Government Finance (Department of Revenue – Direct Taxes)

(11) 15 of 2022 13. Para 2.1 Short levy of License Fee on Tata Communications Ltd. (TCL) Department of Telecommunications

(12) Para 2.2 Undue delay in decision making regarding allotment/assignment of Spectrum in E-band and V-band for Microwave Access network and backhaul Network Department of Telecommunications

(13) Para 3.1 Performance Audit of IT Modernisation Project in Department of Posts Department of Posts

(14) Para 3.2 Functioning of Railway Mail Service and Road Transport Network in Department of Posts Department of Posts

(15) Para 3.4 Irregular pension payments by Post Offices Department of Posts

(16) Para 3.5 Misappropriation of public money in Department of Posts Department of Posts

(17) Para 4.1 Setting up of new/upgraded Centres by National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT) in North Eastern Region Electronics and Information Technology

(18) 16 of 2022 Entire Report Waste Management in Indian Railways – Union Government (Performance Audit) Railways

(19) 17 of 2022 Entire Report Performance Audit of Procurement and Supply of Drugs in CGHS – Union Government (Civil) Health and Family Welfare

(20) 18 of 2022 Entire Report Compliance of the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act, 200. Union Government Finance (Department of Economic Affairs).